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About Coach Lesley


Lesley Kruzel is the owner of Endurance Fusion Triathlon Coaching. She is a USA Triathlon level 1 and USA Cycling level 3 certified coach.  She began coaching athletes 6 years ago and started participating in the sport of triathlon 15 years ago, when she read about it in a magazine.  She remembers it saying "Anyone can do it" so she thought she would give it a try.  Her first one was a local sprint distance race and she absolutely loved it. From then on, she was hooked!   Since then she has competed in over 90 triathlons, with 5 Ironman distance race finishes. She has raced all over the United States and Canada with many podium finishes.

Lesley believe in giving back to the sport by volunteering whenever possible.  She has served on the USA Triathlon Mideast Region Council for 8 years holding the position of Treasurer and the Chair of the Mideast Region Club Race Series committee.  In addition, she has provided coaching for Equally Inspiring, a program to increase woman's participation in triathlon. Currently she is on the members committee for Team Toledo Triathlon Club. 

She is married and has a daughter in College.  She works a full-time job as a Business Development Manager for a national food broker so she understands the need to balance work, training and everyday life.  She truly believes you can do anything you set your mind to it. "Anything is possible!"



megan gardam

  I started out as a person who loves running and wanted to challenge myself in a new way. This led me to triathlons and competing in increasingly longer distances. Lesley has been very instrumental in helping to steer this originally very novice triathlete through training, competitions, and transitions. She has helped to keep me on track toward my goals for the upcoming year by answering my questions, adjusting my training plan when needed, and ultimately reminding me what is best for both me and my body. She has been very encouraging and also realistic while helping me to realize my ultimate goal of a 140.6 mile triathlon. She has taken this once novice swimmer and biker, and helped to increase my abilities and confidence in many disciplines.  

Dr. Kate Eisenmann

  I have been racing triathlon (Oly, 70.3, 140.6) with Lesley (correction: getting beaten…) for many years and working out in her pain cave now for 3 years. I honestly look forward to our bike workouts as the structure and accountability are exactly what I need to get going in the off season. Lesley is a phenomenal cyclist and she knows exactly how to push you and make you a stronger cyclist. Outdoor rides with the fast kids are a prescription for you to become a beast of a cyclist yourself, so take her up on those rides! I highly recommend any level of triathlete/duathlete or cyclist to take advantage of her skills and support. She will take you to a whole new level.  


 I sought out Coach Lesley's services after I suffered a number of illnesses and injuries. Her personalized coaching method which focuses on the goals set by the individual is the reason that I am a stronger athlete in each discipline and have done that while remaining injury free. Lesley understands hectic schedules and has managed to help me balance my life  obligations with my triathlon training. She knows just when to push me harder and when to let off and let my body heal. If you want a personalized approach to multi-sport coaching, I highly recommend Lesley as a coach for you. 

Brett loney

   Lesley brings her strong experience as a triathlete and coach to help individuals reach their fitness goals, providing personal attention and customized programs to meet specific needs for athletes at all levels. She is knowledgeable on overall fitness, nutrition, and wellness, working with experienced athletes to improve their performance and helping those new to triathlon discover the sport. 

merle dech

 I highly recommend Coach Lesley for triathlon coaching. She identified my strengths and weaknesses. Her planning allowed me to improve my weak areas yet maintain my strength levels. I look to a great race season in 2019! 

jennifer sader

 I worked with Lesley to train for the Challenge Cedar Point half aquabike. Before that, the longest race I had done was the Sylvania Olympic Triathlon, so I knew I'd need a lot of help to step up. Lesley's workouts challenged me and got me ready for anything. The weather that day was brutal, cold and windy, and it was a tough course, but I finished with a smile on my face.